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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

How to Make an Online Store Look Professional and Impressive through Product Images?

All the major online stores have a specific set of guidelines in respect to the images of products to be displayed on the site. And the common thing in all the e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Macy’s etc. is that the product images of all are quite stunning and detailed. Let’s have a look at the image specifications these sites follow that can be greatly useful for startup e-commerce companies.

Here are some basic rules related to the product images:

  • Images should be clear enough to depict all the details in a convenient manner.
  • There shouldn’t be any special effect in the picture to make a wrong impression on the customers. You can use image editing services to accentuate the details and enhance the look of the product, but no false impression should be made.
  • The images you want to upload should be having just the product to be endorsed, i.e. without any accessories or props. Logos, texts and inset images should also be avoided.
  • Customers want to see various angles of a product before buying it. So, if possible, provide image resizing services  showing the product from different sides. This way, you can give a fair idea about the overall look of the product to your customers.
  • For better branding of your company and increased sales of the products on the site, we suggest you to hire good-looking models. Of course, it can make you spend a few bucks more but the returns will surely be encouraging.
Negligence of any of the above rules can make a product image rejected by the major online stores. And it’s really worthwhile, as user experience matters a lot in the e-commerce industry. If you have a web store to run, you also must follow these guidelines to make your store look appealing to your customers along with adding to their satisfaction through true and perfect depiction of products.

Main Product Image:
Now when we have dealt with the basics, let’s have a quick glance at the rules related to the main images.
  • All the main images should be having pure white background. White background is known to highlight the features of the products, especially along the outline of the products. The RGB value of the background color should be 255, 255, 255.
  • The main image of a product shouldn’t be an illustration or graphic. It also mustn’t have any accessories that are actually not the part of the package being endorsed. Such props can confuse customers and they can take the accessories as a part of the deal.
  • There’s a general rule that a product should cover at least 85% of the main image. Bigger photos can accentuate the details in a better way.
  • The main image should be of high quality so that it’s not pix elated in zoom view.

Additional Product Images:
There are some specific guidelines for additional images as well. Have a look.
  • The prime aim of additional images is to showcase the details that can’t be highlighted in the main images. So, the additional images should be shot to highlight such details. Some things that can be conveyed through the additional images are size references, packaging and color variants.
  • The background in white is recommended here as well but that’s not mandatory. In additional images you can use any other color background if you want.
  • Accessories and props can be used in additional images but you need to make sure that it doesn’t create any confusion in the customers’ mind regarding the deal.
As we can see from the above discussion, white background plays a very important role in e-commerce product images. That requires the store owners to go for clipping path services. There are many companies providing brilliant clipping path in India. You can select an experienced one from them and make your product images well suited for e-commerce.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Why Businesses should Team Up with Clipping Path Providers for Impact full Images

Clipping Path ProviderQuite strange but the outcomes of a technical work like clipping path are usually very artistic. Removal of background disturbances adds to the visual appeal of the images significantly. The significance of these services can never be overlooked. It's one of the biggest reasons image editing companies are flooded with work throughout the year. This service, in particular, has become a big necessity for many industries.

Classification of Clipping Path Services
Based on the complexity of the image and the approach required to edit it, clipping path providers have classified the services in four prime categories. Let's have a look:-
Basic Tracing- When the focus is to be put on a particular subject, basic tracing around it is done to create a tracing path. After tracing the image, it's subjected to cropping so that the cropped out part can be used for promotional and marketing purposes.
Advanced Clipping- When the requirement goes beyond just tracing the subject, advance clipping serves the purpose. The editor needs to be quite skilled to make it right, as after tracing, a little modification is done to the image to remove the disturbing elements.
Masking- Sometimes images have small objects and elements that can't be removed through tracing path, for such objects masking can be a good option. Masking can be used to conceal all unwanted objects in an image without making much change.
Clipping Path with Additional Effects- Many a times, businesses want to use graphics as stock images. Such images need some additional effects like shadows and reflections to enhance the appeal within. Such realistic effects make the image more attractive for the viewers.
Once the editors are done with clipping path, it's converted to an appropriate format as per its proposed usage. The clipping path service providers always keep the purpose of the image in mind and convert it to a format which suits best the place image is to be used. For example, if the image is to be edited for a website, it would be better to save it in PSD or EPS format. As the pixels and dimensions of an image change during the editing process, it's essential to consider the required format right from the beginning. One more thing to remember while executing the process is that the image should not look less appealing after the edit, in fact, it should be more visually attractive.
Additional Benefits of Clipping Path Services for Businesses
Perfect for E-commerce- Online sites have become one of the most prominent marketplaces for today's shoppers. That's the reason all businesses are utilizing various e-commerce platforms.
Seamless Presentations- Good graphics that go along with the text flawlessly make you deliver great presentations in business meetings. During a presentation, you need to have properly cropped images as big pictures are not appropriate for the purpose.
Stronger Brand Image- We all know how competitive is today's business world, and brand value plays an important role in keeping a business ahead of its competition. Better pictures always lead to a stronger brand image.
Utilization of Animation and Clip Art- Though this not required for all industries, but still there are numerous verticals that can use animation and clip art to convey their message in an efficient manner.

In whichever business you are, if you want great success in your online promotion efforts, you must take assistance from an experienced and reputed clipping path service provider. It affects online presentation of a company by a great extent which leads to the successful achievement of goals of the business.

Monday, 16 May 2016

What is Clipping Path Services and Why it’s necessary for all Outsourcing Businesses?

Clipping path services is one of most popular image editing services in the world. It’s all about making a path of an image and remove unwanted things belongs to the image. Generally the photo backgrounds are deleted from the clipped objects to place that part into a better and unique background. It’s is generally done by excellent editing software like Photoshop. Pen tool is mostly use in these types of services and magic tool is also sometimes used in it. These types of jobs can only do by professional image editors.

Making path services of images is generally a vital part of any outsourcing business. It’s generally provided by an outsourcing organization who already professionally trained on their clipping services businesses. It’s is necessary for all the outsourcing business companies because all the IT related firms want good looking and attractive images for their website to being a good impressions on their website visitors.

How to recognize a good Clipping Services Provider?

In the world of images, the demand of clipping services is very high in present world. A clipping path service provider is always working with that outsourcing company who looks beneficial for him. By outsourcing clipping services, company could save your time, money and an extra headache. Its provider well knows the importance of these types of services. If you looking for a good clipping services provider company you would need to know the beneficial way for your projects like cost-effective, on-time delivered project, error free work process and etc.
Every outsourcing organization who works on the project on clipping services they understands the need of clients. The price of clipping services depends on the quality of images, the given time and the level of incomprehension. A clipping path services provider always understand the importance of client’s and its crucial projects. Mostly clipping services of images is required by the advertisement agencies, eCommerce websites or stores, marketing department of business firms and many more who related with marketing world.

Is India- Final Destination to outsource Image Editing Services?

Cost-effectively image editing services provided by many establish countries from Asia like Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, India these are commonly seen.
But the final destination for the entire image editions client who looking for a good quality service for their crucial project only trust on India because India is a leading outsourcing nation in around the world. In a recent survey, 85% of the IT related firms is always prefer to India to their image editing services and many other outsourcing projects. Path Services of India is a rising genius in Image editing service sector. Clipping path provider company in India growing rapidly day by day in outsourcing business world.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Image Resizing Services

Image Resizing Services are Brilliant Options

Example of Image Resizing Services

 “Images Glow with Enhancement”

Representing ideas is not an easy task because of the fact that they have to be directed towards meeting essential needs. When it is the matter of showcasing something unusual about company’s products or services; then, there is a need to enhance the value of images. Here is the time that image resizing services have to intervene and do exceptional wonders to the existing picture. In fact, the brilliant thing about this option is that it does not allow the pixels to get distorted at all, even if it is enlarged. And this is what every company wants, who wishes to change the promotional scenario with existing images.

Need for Image Resizing Services:

With the increasing requirement to be creative and infuse promotional brilliance in the activities, companies are looking out for options that could deal with changing the face of pictures. This has been the result of increasing competition in the corporate world for making difference with brilliant approach.
  • This option allows for greater visibility with excellence.
  • It helps companies in making ideas clearer and viable.
  • It also enables companies to promote their good or services excellently to make impression.
  • It allows associations to establish their market goodwill by announcing things properly.
In fact, the best part of hiring these image resizing services is that they are quite creative in nature. They have the ability to change the promotional attitude and make people think as to what they need. Also, these brilliant services are intended to globalize a concerned company’s requirements and bridge the gap between consumers. After all, it is necessary for find these services at reasonable rates because budget is quite a considerable thing for companies to manage functional procedures. Moreover, it is like a blessing in disguise on getting these services at reasonable rates.

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Image Masking Service

Performance of Image Masking Service

 “Mask Out to Get Noticed”

Generally said that “beauty should be kept under seven curtains”; but, it seems to be getting older because modernism demands beauty to be highlighted from within the curtains and be visible to the world. Seems as if some kind of beauty content discussion is going on here? No, there is nothing like this. Indeed, the conversation is a background that is set to welcome image masking service and its performing style. Now, there is a need to know what this service all about is. Well, it is concerned with applying vector mask or clipping mask to hide or lighten the background of a complex image and help the main picture to get separated.

Core Functional Process of Image Masking Service:

Image masking is all about employing mask on the concerned layer that bears background. Generally, what happens is that the mask is meant to hide the background and this is followed by the application of clipping path to separate the main image from the background. This is carried out because the image is said to be beautified by supporting it with newer background that is vivacious in tone and explains company’s business concepts.

What Makes Image Processing Demandable?
  • It allows the background to be easily separated from the main image, even in the complex images with translucent or glass style background.
  • It allows segregation with perfection and makes it possible for the designer to apply creative approach as per need.
It is because of these reasons that image masking services are getting on the nerves. Indeed, it has become an essential part for developing excellent promotional images from the dull looking ones. After all, the world of creative based technology has started asking for something unique that can give a special identity to the concerned company and allows it to make a place in the business market, which cannot overtaken. 

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Image Clipping Services

Welcoming New Life for Pictures with Image Clipping Services
Example Of Image Clipping Path

Static moments require battery touch up to infuse a newer life to it and make them visually appealing. Likewise, the images that get old or are not designed brilliantly keep requiring changes, which have to be carried out for making them look wonderful and attractive. Indeed, it is an understood fact that every company in the market is willing to eat the cake of popularity. But, it is not easy to win one in the silver plate. This is the reason that image clipping services are being looked upon for making the way easier to get that cake. 

Ideally, these image clipping services include the editing of photographs by separating them from the backgrounds and placing it over new ones to enhance the glory of the image. After all, the ever changing world of fashion requires the assistance of nouvelle designs that can fulfil the essentialities of making a unique place in the market. Now, it has to be thought wisely that how the process is to be carried; so that the goal is achieved without much effort. In this regard, the newer background images can be checked out from internet or they can be exclusively designed in corel draw and Photoshop.

Why Image Clipping Services work to us?
  • 365x24x7 customer support
  • Cost-effective Solutions 
  • Designs exclusively for business purpose
  • Creating Graphic Design
  • Next generation based poster designing
One thing that image clipping services pay attention to is, the background image has to be in contrast to the image colors. In this way only, the image and background, both, will get highlighted and provide the desired effects. Also, cutting out the images is not easy by clicking from point to point and dragging the mouse all over. It requires a lot of perfection because the experts keep in mind that image pixels should not get blurry on being zoomed. It is because of all this that image clipping services are always hunted for, to serve well crafted dish to the clients.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Clipping Path Services

High Quality hand drawn Clipping Path

Example of Clipping Path Services
We have years of experience in creating high quality hand drawn clipping path re-drawn from your original artwork, at low prices. We already provide a regular reliable service to a variety of companies worldwide, from Publication Companies, Photographers, Studios, Real Estate Agencies, Stock Agencies, Catalog Companies, Modeling Agencies, and many more. Our work is high quality and we can offer quick turnaround times, sometimes even on the same day!

CPS360 is strategically located in New Delhi, India and from there; we cater the clients sited across the seas. Time has never been the hindrance, as we work according to the client’s needs and working timings That’s why; we are proudly tagged as round the clock or 24x7. Consistently providing state-of-the-art products and services. Our services:Clipping Path Services, Raster to Vector Conversion, Image Masking and Photo Editing Services. We provide manual clipping path at a very affordable and reasonable price.

Benefits Offered by CPS360 :

•    Save money : We provides their service at affordable costs.

•    Benefit from advanced technology and skilled resources: By the clipping path you gain access to the services of skilled professionals, the latest technologies and software.

•    Save valuable time: This will help to generate more income.

Clipping Path Outsourcing Gives Perfection at Reasonable Rates
  • The overall appearance of the image in Clipping Path Outsourcing : backgrounds play a vital role in enhancing the value of the entire brochure or poster or the image. This is the reason that beautifying them is required a lot, for improvising the overall appearance of the picture. This is carried out to facade parts translucent, or you can also put color of alternative. One of the ultimate matters about this method is that it can be created in graphics plans.
The designer is able to send the image according to the objective or insert the path or alpha channel in concord with the designer’s prerequisite. All you need to do is create a new path by applying the pen tool to make a border to the favoured object. That’s why; clipping path outsourcing is getting high on demands. Also people are always on a look out for professionals with excellent creative sense.

As clipping path task is quite essential in developing excellent images, which requires a lot of expertise. Well, the graphic designers working on this happen to charge a lot of price; especially, the in-house employees. So, it is always better to go for the freelancers that work from home and charge lesser than what an employee would take. In this regard, the aspirant company will surely be able to save on the cost that is paid extra and is able spend that on the promotional activities for increasing sales graph. In fact, it is advantageous on the side of freelancer too as he or she is able to work on their own time and concentrate over the design to bring out more creativity. This has made people opt for clipping path outsourcing that can suffice their demands.

The Tasks of clipping Path:
  • Developing excellent images
  • Save on the cost
  • Full support to customers
  • Activities for increasing sales graph
As clipping path task is quite essential in developing excellent images, which requires a lot of expertise. Well, the graphic designers working on this happen to charge a lot of price; especially, the in-house employees. So, it is always better to go for the freelancers that work from home and charge lesser than what an employee would take. In this regard, the aspirant company will surely be able to save on the cost that is paid extra and is able spend that on the promotional activities for increasing sales graph. In fact, it is advantageous on the side of freelancer too as he or she is able to work on their own time and concentrate over the design to bring out more creativity. This has made people opt for clipping path outsourcing that can suffice their demands.

Quality of services

There are many offshore Clipping Path Company that are mainly focused on delivering high quality services to clients.

Some of the services offered are :  
  1. Image Clipping Path Services
  2. Image Clipping Path Outsourcing
  3. Raster to Vector Conversion
  4. Graphic Design Services
  5. Photo Retouching Services
  6. Image Masking Services
The world of Clipping Path essentially talks about cutting out or sticking out various parts that are visualized to be applied for decorating other images. It, chiefly, means to knife out an image from its fundamental layer. It is finely carried out to segregate images that are required to be provided a Noelle background. This is known to be the practice that is fundamentally applied in certain graphic-editing procedures. In fact, for the businesses that are based on image promotion; they should hire the services by clipping path outsourcing that gets defined by using a vector path for the part of the image that needs to be hidden. This package is quite accepted in the graphic and photographic industry as it is applied to edit images perfectly.